CBAC Grant Opportunities

The core of our mission is to support the professional development and promote the artist endeavors of the arts community within the greater Chequamegon Bay area. 

We offer multiple grant opportunities each year, which include:

  • Annual Arts Initiative Grant
  • Annual Artistic Development Grant
  • Annual Karlyn Holman College Arts Scholarship

Grant Details & Applications

Full details on each of this year’s grant opportunities are listed below.

2024 Arts Initiative Grant
Recipients will be announced soon!

Arts Initiative Grants fund project based activities such as public exhibitions, performances, publications, touring productions, commissioned art and educational activities. Artistic disciplines include dance, theater, music, folk arts, literary arts, video, film and visual arts.

NEW IN 2024
If you have received an Arts Initiative Grant in 2022 and 2023, you will not be eligible until 2025. (Same goes for receiving this grant in 2023 and 2024, not eligible until 2026, and so on.)

2024 Artistic Development Grant

Applications are now available for the annual CBAC Artistic Development grants! The purpose of this grant is to promote ongoing learning and to encourage area residents to further their artistic abilities for reasons of personal growth and enhanced community artistic excellence. Any continuing education opportunity in the field of visual, performing, or literary arts would be eligible for consideration. Opportunities can include short-term courses pertaining to an artistic field of interest, workshops, art/music/performance/literary camps, or well-defined individual research projects of an artistic nature.

Any professional, amateur or student artist residing in Ashland or Bayfield County is eligible to apply.

Opens March 1, 2024

Closes April 1, 2024

Funding Announced April 12, 2024

2024 Karlyn Holman College Arts Scholarship

The Chequamegon Bay Arts Council is pleased to announce the availability of college scholarships.

The purpose of these scholarships is to acknowledge the past accomplishment and future promise of high school graduates who will enter a field of study leading to a career in the arts.​

CBAC would like to thank the Van Evra Foundation for the past years of financial support for our high school scholarship program.

Announcements on May 17th.

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions about current grant opportunities, and/or need assistance completing your application, please contact the following:

Kathleen Broadwell, the ‘Arts Initiative’ grant coordinator: [email protected]

Chris Lindsey, the ‘Arts Development’ grant coordinator: [email protected]

LeeAnn Frey, the Karlyn Holman High School Scholarship: [email protected]

CBAC serves as a regranting organization for funds received through the Wisconsin Arts Board (WAB). The grant programs are funded by a $8,000 award from the WAB, which also requires a $8,000 local match before the organization  distributes $16,000 to local artists and organizations through its annual grant process.